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Includes 8tracks links, then Playmoss links after 8tracks decided to put in listening limits.

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Includes 8tracks links.

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I need to keep all my commissions and stuff organized and that is not happening! For personal ease, this is just going to be RP-related stuff.

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This includes 8tracks links, but no download links.

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This includes 8tracks links, but no download links.

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Guess who won NaNoWriMo 2015?

(it's me)
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36,175 of 50,000 words

do you think NaNoWriMo is a good idea

November 1st - 3,260 words
November 2nd - 2,240 words
November 3rd - 1,795 words
November 4th - 3,395 words
November 5th - 1,670 words
November 6th - 2,240 words
November 7th - 3,480 words
November 8th - 1,980 words
November 9th - 830 words
November 10th - 2,185 words
November 11th - 1,755 words
November 12th - 1,940 words
November 13th - 2,140 words
November 14th - 1,710 words
November 15th - 2,200 words
November 16th - 1,685 words
November 17th - 1,670 words
November 18th - ??? words
November 19th - ??? words
November 20th - ??? words
November 21st - ??? words
November 22nd - ??? words
November 23rd - ??? words
November 24th - ??? words
November 25th - ??? words
November 26th - ??? words
November 27th - ??? words
November 28th - ??? words
November 29th - ??? words
November 30th - ??? words
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[community profile] scrimmage is a low-pressure writing challenge designed to help with writer's block! Every challenge you successfully complete gets you a reward graphic and I am going to get all the banners.

Cut in case this gets big. )
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Birthday so far: not very interesting.

Then again, no one else is up here.
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This looks pretty interesting.

Cut for image. )
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I'd like to write some text here
three quarters
You could write a long paragraph that goes on past one line but it doesn't look super attractive. I'm also demonstrating links.
Now I'm just putting in extras so I can show off the scroll bar.
Not a lot of space, is there?
Might make a quick and easy CR chart, though.
Especially with the links.

Basic Table Code:

It will scroll automatically when you have enough rows.

Tag images: full | three quarters | half | quarter | empty

Code for links with background:

Links without background:
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