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Includes 8tracks links, then Playmoss links after 8tracks decided to put in listening limits.

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and yea, upon this day mini declared that her fic dreamwidth shall include links to the archive of our own, and not require crossposting the entire fic

for on this day mini decided that no one had time for that indeed

and a copy on one website of good repute and on the computer shall be sufficient to secure the fic's safety

and even when mini ceases to be in a state of recovery from surgical procedures, she shall continue to post links rather than the entire fic

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Includes 8tracks links.

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I need to keep all my commissions and stuff organized and that is not happening! For personal ease, this is just going to be RP-related stuff.

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This includes 8tracks links, but no download links.

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This includes 8tracks links, but no download links.

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Guess who won NaNoWriMo 2015?

(it's me)
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36,175 of 50,000 words

do you think NaNoWriMo is a good idea

November 1st - 3,260 words
November 2nd - 2,240 words
November 3rd - 1,795 words
November 4th - 3,395 words
November 5th - 1,670 words
November 6th - 2,240 words
November 7th - 3,480 words
November 8th - 1,980 words
November 9th - 830 words
November 10th - 2,185 words
November 11th - 1,755 words
November 12th - 1,940 words
November 13th - 2,140 words
November 14th - 1,710 words
November 15th - 2,200 words
November 16th - 1,685 words
November 17th - 1,670 words
November 18th - ??? words
November 19th - ??? words
November 20th - ??? words
November 21st - ??? words
November 22nd - ??? words
November 23rd - ??? words
November 24th - ??? words
November 25th - ??? words
November 26th - ??? words
November 27th - ??? words
November 28th - ??? words
November 29th - ??? words
November 30th - ??? words
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[community profile] scrimmage is a low-pressure writing challenge designed to help with writer's block! Every challenge you successfully complete gets you a reward graphic and I am going to get all the banners.

Cut in case this gets big. )
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Birthday so far: not very interesting.

Then again, no one else is up here.
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This looks pretty interesting.

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I'd like to write some text here
three quarters
You could write a long paragraph that goes on past one line but it doesn't look super attractive. I'm also demonstrating links.
Now I'm just putting in extras so I can show off the scroll bar.
Not a lot of space, is there?
Might make a quick and easy CR chart, though.
Especially with the links.

Basic Table Code:

It will scroll automatically when you have enough rows.

Tag images: full | three quarters | half | quarter | empty

Code for links with background:

Links without background:
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